Soul Survivors: Exile on Main St. Enters its Fifth Decade - A modern take on the Rolling Stones' ramshackle classic. 

Watch Out, the World's Behind You: RIP Lou Reed (1942-2013) - I pour out a personal obit for the frontman of the Velvet Underground, my favorite band of all time.

This is It: The Strokes' Room on Fire at 10 - The New York quintet's debut Is This It gets most of the street cred, but their second album is just as great. 

Talking With Neighbors Actress Carla Gallo - I profiled the Undeclared star and one of the most talented actresses within Judd Apatow's crew.  

Albert Hammond Jr. on new EP AHJ, 10th Anniversary of the Strokes' Room on Fire - I conducted an interview with the guitarist of the rock band that defined my teen years, and learned a few new things. 

Forest Swords Emerges Through the Floodgates on Engravings - A review of the best album of the year; a journey into tinnitus, isolation, and other adventures. 

The Mystery of Darkside's Psychic and the Art of the Rain Album - If you like Pink Floyd and/or opiates, you need to check out this LP. 

Question in the Form of an Answer: Rob Delaney - A rare music-related interview with the funniest man on Twitter. 

Q&A: Award-Winning Actress Brie Larson Talks Short Term 12 and Basmati Blues Larson was a very humble and sweet girl who happened to start winning a bunch of awards as I transcribed this interview. Look for her in 2014. 

Passion of the Weiss' Top 50 Albums of 2013I was fortunate to contribute three blurbs (covering the artists Logos, DJ Rashad, Shlohmo) alongside the most talented music writers on the net.