I stared idly at the ceiling for hours; I was abundant with imagination. I soared higher than the heavens; I peeled myself off the pavement. I was betrayed by people I cared about the most; I forged better friendships. I felt real romance; I endured fleeting crushes. I slept comfortably on hammocks; I dug my fist into walls. I was plagued by colorblindness; I learned the world wasn't black and white. I was deprived of human desires; I was been given more than I could ever require. I framed articles; I scrapped manuscripts. I was the life of the party; I was the fly on the wall. I indulged in self-destruction; I tempered in good health. I mislaid my ambitions; I regained a refined purpose. 

"We must accept finite disappointment, but never lose infinite hope."